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Bernd Kopper | Funding and Start-up Consulting Graz | Bernd Kopper Gründer*inneninfo

Bernd Kopper


Together with my team, I support future entrepreneurs and start-ups with successful strategic business development, enabling them to achieve their visions. In the past 20 years, after completing my education in mechanical engineering and as a business economist, I was able to gain extensive and valuable experience in the areas of business development, market and competitive analysis, financial planning and start-up consulting. During this time, I have founded four companies myself and successfully supported more than 100 companies, ranging from small one-man businesses to globally active industrial enterprises. In recent years, the topic of financing options for innovative entrepreneurs in their start-up phase has become a personal specialty. In addition to professional competence, appreciative cooperation, honesty and trust are my most important values and critical success factors - as well as private happiness, which I have found with my wife and our two children in the North of Graz. I am looking forward to supporting you, your passion and drive, in the pursuit of the successful development of your endeavor!

Thomas Öhlknecht | Market analysis and Financial planning | Bernd Kopper Gründer*inneninfo

Thomas Öhlknecht


Experienced now for four years in the field of business consulting (the last year of which in a management position), especially in financing support from public sectors, I bring well-founded theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of business and economics. Over the years, I have developed my skills in the areas of market analysis and financing planning, which enables me to recognize complex interrelationships and to match the individual needs of your company in terms of opportunities and risks. In my role as a team leader as well as when working with clients, the values of open communication and trust are particularly important to me. I firmly believe that business consulting is a two-way exchange. Just as we can provide you with important impulses for your success, we learn from you. Whether it's creative solutions to current challenges, exciting insights into new markets, or original ideas in marketing and sales - my goal is to understand your individual perspectives and work with you in the best possible way to move your company or project forward. I look forward to a trusting and successful collaboration.

Patricia Vilcanqui | Project Management | Bernd Kopper Gründer*inneninfo

Patricia Vilcanqui

Project Management

I have always found the idea of founding sustainable companies with social added value very fascinating, because entrepreneurs develop creative solutions for everyday problems from which society as well as the environment benefit. Therefore, as a project manager, together with the team of Bernd Kopper, I will support you, dear founders, in the best possible way, so that you can master the challenges you face and achieve your goals. Due to my many years of infrastructure project experience, I am able to identify critical aspects for future project development, financing and risk mitigation.

Luka Floigl | Business Development for Deep-Tech und Life Science Start-ups | Bernd Kopper Gründer*inneninfo

Luka Floigl


My main business management interests lie in the areas of business development, innovation and strategic positioning. For almost two years I have been accompanying Bernd Kopper as a business consultant in the field of funding consulting for innovative startups and SME. During this time, I have been able to support startups, especially in the areas of deep tech and life sciences, in the planning and successful financing of their innovation project by funding organizations. From the development of a first technology or product concept, the delivery of the proof of concept, the development of prototypes, the implementation of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to the market launch and scaling of the business model. The consulting services cover topics such as project management, (project) financing as well as the development of the necessary business documentation. What I like about my job is the varied work and the valuable insights I gain with each individual project. It is my concern to bring each individual client closer to the realization and financing of his/her project.

Helena Almer | Marketing & Sales | Bernd Kopper Gründer*inneninfo

Helena Almer

Projectmanagement & Marketing

As a passionate networker I am always looking for new contacts and opportunities to expand our network. You can meet me at startup events, where I strive to find the "perfect match" between innovative founders and us, Bernd Kopper, to have interesting conversations and meet first-time ideas. Additionally, as a marketing student, I support the areas of social media, content marketing and brand identity. I am looking forward to our next exchange!

Timo Meßner | Junior Consultant | Bernd Kopper Gründer*inneninfo

Timo Meßner

Junior Consultant

As a junior consultant with a business background and a great passion for innovation, I am ready to help young companies overcome their challenges. I am the youngest member of the team, which often allows me to bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to the world of business consulting. I am motivated to continuously develop my skills in the field of start-up consulting. Together with our team, I strive to help companies maximize their potential while gaining valuable experience for future missions.

Sarah Schalk | Funding for Sustainable Start-ups | Bernd Kopper Gründer*inneninfo

Sarah Schalk

Project Management - currently on maternity leave

As a project manager, I primarily support impact founders who focus their business model on sustainability and an added value to society or the environment. Impact-oriented start-ups build their business idea around solving a social or ecological problem in a sustainable way and therefore often face different challenges in their start-up phase than "normal" start-ups. As a founder of a sustainable company myself, I can draw on valuable experience in these areas and, together with the team and partners of Bernd Kopper, provide you with the best possible support in successfully turning your business idea into reality. My specialities include climate-friendly business models and sustainable procurement as well as project funding, crowdfunding and female-led businesses.