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Being the founder of an exciting new start-up opens up amazing opportunities, but also comes with challenges. A great idea, together with passion, are essential ingredients, but alone they are not always enough. Much learning can be done on the job as you sharpen your entrepreneurial skills, but you should also know you are not alone. We are here to support you; help you answer questions and meet any challenge head on. It all starts with us understanding your business and helping you with the creation of your business plan, detailed market analysis and preparations for delivering an engaging pitch. We help founders like you turn ideas into reality.

Business Mentoring

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

As you build your start-up from the ground up it feels like there is an endless list of important things to do. If you are like the many other entrepreneurs who share the same experience, you will sometimes stop and reflect on whether you are doing the right things to avoid potential hazards. That’s where an experienced mentor can help you with their knowledge and tips that can prepare you for success. We can help you identify suitable mentors and mediate during the first meeting to ensure you get off to a great start with your new business guru. 

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Business plan

Development of a sound business plan

A business plan presents the written business concept and is an important success criteria for any start-up. In the business plan all the single steps that will be necessary for the successful implementation of the business idea are dealt with in a structured manner. Such a business concept is required by almost all investors, including funding agencies, because it provides an insight into the feasibility, profitability and customer benefits of the planned business idea. 

Our support in the preparation of your business plan ranges from the provision of business plan templates, workshops, advice on the composition of the team, the search for potential partners, right the way through to assistance with important elements, such as market analysis or financial planning. 


Preparation of a well-founded market report

Before the actual start of the project, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the market environment you intend to operate in and analyze potential target customers, their number, their needs, the existing competitors, the price structure of the products/services, as well as current market trends, etc. Many founders find it hard and sometimes tedious to source appropriate data and identify the hidden secrets that can support success. In retrospect such knowledge and insights can save you from many unexpected surprises, time and critically large costs.
With more than two decades of experience in the areas of primary and secondary market research, industry, market, trend and competition analysis, competitive intelligence, SWOT analysis, price analysis and much more, we are the right partner for you when it comes to sourcing and evaluating reliable market data.

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The core of any company

How do I create a financial plan without experience? Many founders feel insecure about this challenge, especially as the financial plan is an essential part of the business plan. We help you to create a realistic and meaningful financial plan to present to banks or funding agencies.

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PITCH preparation

How to leave a lasting impression

An elevator pitch only takes a few minutes (or the duration of an elevator ride) and is a great challenge for exactly this reason. Just as a business plan outlines the company concept in writing, the goal of a pitch is to present the company idea briefly and concisely, yet in a clear and comprehensive manner verbally.
A pitch deck can serve as a visual aid and a pitch video can also be helpful. We prepare you specifically for this and draw on presentation tips from experienced speakers.